Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette

The Catwalk palette was limited edition for fall 2013, but I purchased mine the first week of March this year, so if you are interested check all of the Ulta stores near you, or check their website, or visit Anastasia Beverly Hills website. The packaging for this palette is to die for!!! The box alone has gold leopard rings with emerald green eyes on it (I am going to keep mine!). The actual palette is gold with a pink embossed border, and black velvet leopard print, it is adorable! On the inside of the palette, the leopard theme continues, and it has a good sized mirror. Personally I love the cardboard, magnetic closure palettes, so naturally I love this palette. It feels and looks luxurious. 

The eyeshadows in the Catwalk palette are amazing, they are easy to apply and blend. It comes with 3 matte shades and 7 shimmery shades, none of the shades have had fall out. This palette also comes with a double sided brush, I really like this brush and think it is great quality. Now, there is one down side to this palette, the eyeshadow names are not listed on the palette, they are only on the box. These eyeshadows are warm toned, because the palette was limited edition for fall, but of course the shadows can be worn anytime. 

The top row shades are (L-R); Call Back, Strut, Scout, Beauty Mark, and LBD.
The bottom row shades are (L-R); Day Rate, Couture, RTW, 10K, and Pose. 
My favorite shades are Scout, which reminds me of an eyeshadow version of Orgasm by Nars, and 10K, which reminds me of an eyeshadow version of Albatross also by Nars.  

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