Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Naked 3 Simple Smokey Eye

Simple Pink Toned Smokey Eye

Today I am going to give you the step by step directions to get this glamorous and simple smokey eye using the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. When creating this look, TAKE YOUR TIME! A good smokey eye is built up from lighter shades, NOT just applying a black shadow and blending it. 

1. First off, when creating a smokey eye I recommend starting off with only a moisturizer and eye primer. If you apply your foundation before applying the dark shadows, you will get fallout and mess up your beautiful foundation. I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion on my upper and lower lid for this look to prevent any creasing and to make sure my eye shadow stayed in place. 
2. (OPTIONAL) Next, I get two 2 inch pieces of tape and place them on the back of my hands in different spots to get the harsh adhesive off. Then I place the piece of tape under my lower lashes up to the tail of my brow, creating a defined line. This step is optional but I highly recommend doing so, because the tape creates a nice clean line so they eye look does not look like a bruise or like you have dirt on your eye. 
3. Then apply a black eyeliner or cream shadow all over your mobile lid, getting as close to your lash line as possible. After applying the cream color blend it with your finger to diffuse the edges.  Do not go too far into the inner corner, go in as far as you are comfortable, leaving space for an inner corner highlight. 
4. Take any blending brush you like, for this look the only brush I will be using is the one that comes with the Naked 3 palette, with the shade Limit, and apply this all over the crease, Limit is going to be our transition color for this look, so take it pretty high up to the brow. 
5. Next, take the color Nooner, and concentrate it more in the immediate crease, not blending as high up. For this step I cleaned off the blender side of the brush with a dry cloth towel, and picked up some of Nooner on the brush. 
6. With a flat shader brush, apply Blackheart on top of the cream base we applied earlier. Packing on the color will help reduce the amount of fallout and make the color show up intensely. 
7. You guessed it, more blending! Now take Darkside on a blending brush, only to soften the edges of Blackheart. Do not blend into Blackheart, just around the edges to create a smoother transition. This step will take some time, only pick up small amounts of Darkside and blend gently. It is much easier to add small amounts of color than try and take away or blend out color. 
8. At this point in the look I put on a couple more layers of Blackheart and kept blending the edges with Darkside. Blend and pack until the look meets your standards. 
  9. Now take the shade Strange and apply this with a clean blending brush to the brow bone, diffusing the harsher edges of where the crease color meets the brow bone. 
10. (NOT SHOWN) The day I wore this look I did not want a really bright inner corner highlight, so I applied Strange with a fluffy brush to lighten it just a little bit. But this look would be beautiful with Dust as the inner corner highlight. 
11. (OPTIONAL) For the lower lash line I used a black eyeliner at the base of my lashes just to darken them, and smoked it out with Nooner. If I was wearing this look at night and going out, I would smoke it out more, and use Darkside instead of Nooner. Make sure to connect the lower lash line color to the lid colors. 
12. Use any black eyeliner to tight line you eye, filling in any gaps on the upper lash line. You can also apply the liner on your water line, but I prefer not to, so that my eyes look a little brighter. 
13. Apply tons of mascara! False lashes would be absolutely gorgeous with this look. 
14. Now it is time for your foundation and face products. 

A smokey eye look will be very dramatic, and the center of attention on your face. So if your face is not looking flawless, it will draw attention away from your eyes. Also, make sure to balance the color on your face by applying bronzer and blush. This will keep your face from looking flat. A good under eye concealer will be your best friend when creating this look, it will mask any imperfections and make your eyes pop. 
If you are going for a very bold and dramatic look, hot pink lipstick looks awesome with this eye look. If you want the eyes to be the center of attention, go with a nude-ish pink lip. 

If you try out this look I would love to see it! Use #beautywithEmmalee so I can see it on Instagram!

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