Monday, September 15, 2014

Adding a Pop of Color

Do you ever want to add a bright or bold color into your makeup routine, and feel like a bright emerald eye shadow look is not the answer? Instead of wearing a bold eye shadow look, try a colored mascara! When wearing a colored mascara you do not have to wear any other eye products, you can simply let the mascara do the talking. Or you could also take it a step further by adding a colorful mascara to any eye look. You could also use a colored mascara under false lashes, letting the color be visible when you look straight ahead, but when you look down, you will only see the false lashes. This will add a lot of dimension to your look. 

There are tons of colored mascaras out there, you just have to decide what you like. The only colored mascaras I have tried are by Maybelline, but if you do not like any of those colors, plenty of other companies make colored mascara.  I have blue eyes, and personally on myself I love the way purple and burgundy mascara look. Each eye color will bring out the colored mascaras differently. 

I See Blue

Teal Appeal

Pop of Purple

So Very Berry

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