Monday, September 22, 2014

Complementing Your Eye Color

Choosing an eye shadow that suits your eye color can be difficult, because all eye colors are so different. You can wear what ever eye shadow you want, whenever you want, but I am going to give you some tips for making your eyes pop. There are a lot of universal shades of eye shadow, such as black, white, and neutral colors, which will look good on virtually anyone. All eyes are different tones and shades of brown, blue, green, and hazel, so what looks good on your green eyes, may not suit another green eyed beauty.  
First, lets talk about blue eyes, I have blue eyes that can look green depending on what I wear and my eye makeup. Naturally, most of the looks I do are specific to blue eyes, but I do play around with colors that may not be best for my eyes, but look great with a different color of eyes.  To make those baby blues stand out and really pop, warm toned eye shadows look phenomenal. Copper, bronze, gold, red, pink and any shade of brown are awesome colors to pair with blue eyes. 
Next up, is green eyes, my eyes can tend to look more green on some days, and my mom has green eyes, so I get to practice makeup that compliments green eyes all the time. When you really want a look to make your green eyes stand out try using copper, bronze, gold, red, pink, taupe, silver, grey, and purple. You may have noticed that blue and green eyes compliment from a lot of the same colors, but it all depends on eyes. 
Now its time for the brown eyes girls. Brown is a very universal eye color and you can wear basically every color under the sun, or to match your outfit and it will look great. To add a pop of color, orange, purple, and blue eye shadow really compliments brown eyes, different shades of brown, bronze, copper, and gold, also look great with brown eyes. 
Lastly, hazel eyes. Hazel eyes can get away with a look of different colors as well. Because they can tend to be more green/ blue or brown, you can use any of the colors complimentary to whatever your eye color leans towards. If you have more brown hazel eyes, try using the colors that compliment brown, and so on. If you are looking for a different look for hazel eyes, but still want something neutral, try using taupe and silver toned colors. The contrast of cool colors will compliment hazel eyes perfectly. 
You may not like the way some colors look with your skin tone, and eye color together, but to each their own. We are all different, these are simply suggestions, not a rule book to follow. 
What eye color do you have, and what colors do you use to make them stand out, I would love to know :)

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