Monday, September 8, 2014

ELF Studio Blush Review

ELF Studio Blush Review

(top) Fushia Fusion, is a darker blue toned pink with tons of silver glitter
(middle) Twinkle Pink, is a beautiful peachy pink with a lot of gold and silver glitter. It is supposed to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but I do not own Orgasm to tell you that for sure
(bottom)Pink Passion, is a bold matte electric pink that is somehow wearable  

(top) Giddy Gold, is complete gold shimmer
(middle) Peachy Keen, is a tan, terracotta, bronze color, with a glow sheen
(bottom) Tickled Pink, has a satin-matte finish, and is a sheer mauve pink color (this is my favorite one!!!)

(top) Blushing Rose, is a terracotta red with a gold sheen
(middle) Candid Coral, is a peachy-coral color with a gold sheen
(bottom) Berry Merry, is a berry-wine color, with a rose gold sheen (this is another one of my favorites!)
These blushes are amazing! They apply and blend smoothly, and not patchy, and have great color pay off.  The packaging of these is similar to the Nars packaging, but these blush have a little cut out covered with plastic so you can see the color from the outside, making it very easy to know which color you are getting. The packaging is sturdy, and if it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it off with a dry towel, or a makeup wipe. 
I love these blushes, and whenever I wear blush, it is usually and ELF studio blush. I recommend these to everyone that is looking for an inexpensive, good quality blush. For only $3 from the ELF websiteTarget, and K-Mart, these are great quality. There are sales ALL the time on the ELF website, so be sure to check there before buying from a different store or website. 

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