Monday, December 29, 2014

Stila In the... Palettes Review

Recently, I picked up 3/4 Stila palettes (I already owned In the Know), and wanted to do an updated blog post about them, so here it is! You can pick up your palettes here :) *You might want to grab a snack, its a long one*

In the Know

If you are looking for an all matte, neutral palette, this is the perfect palette for you! I use this palette nearly every time I do my makeup, it has every staple neutral color I need. This palette has a few warmer colors, as well as some cool ones. This specific palette is amazing and a must have in anyones makeup collection. Matte shadows look great for natural everyday looks, or paired up with other shadows. If you have more mature skin, this is the palette to go for. Matte shades do not emphasize fine lines or wrinkles, as a glitter or shimmer would. 
Like I said the colors are all matte, and they are all a creamy matte, not a powdery matte. These shade all blend together beautifully! The shadows are also very pigmented and long wearing. The shadow names are not only under each shadow, but on the back of the palette as well. My favorite shade is Fire, the bright orange. It compliments blue eyes beautifully!

Top Row L-R; Air, Wind, Desert, Clay, and Earth.
Bottom Row L-R; Driftwood, Fire, Rain, Smoke, and Ebony.

This palette comes with a full sized smudge stick water proof eyeliner in Halfmoon, and if you have ever tried any Stila eyeliners you know how mazing these are. Halfmoon is a deep grey color, and wears amazingly. 
In the Garden

In the Garden, has 2 matte shades, and the rest are shimmers / glitters. This one has a few neutral colors, as well as some pops of color. Again, this is a great palette to have. If you wear bright colors every once in awhile, but mostly neutrals, and like the color selection, I would pick up this one. Its all up to your personal preference. 
The shadows in this palette are so unique, I would pick it up just because it is different than the average eyeshadow palette. My favorite shadow from this palette is Sage. 

Top Row L-R; Chinois, Breeze, Bark, Freesia, Rosette
Bottom Row L-R; Nectar, Honey, Sage, Moss, Juniper

Starfish, is the full sized smudge stick that comes with this palette. It is a green toned bronze with gold glitter. 

In the Light 

In the Light, is probably the most well know of these palettes. It is a mix of matte and shimmer neutrals. Like the other palettes, the quality of these shadows are great, creamy, blendable, and pigmented. This one is a great everyday palette too, you can easily transform it from a day to night look! My favorite shades are Sunset, and Kitten. 

Top Row L-R; Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
Bottom Row L-R; Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony

Damsel, is a creamy, rich, blackened chocolate (the BEST of the four smudge sticks included in the palates!!!). 

In the Moment 

Lastly, we have the In the Moment palette. This is the purple toned palette, and if you have green or brown eyes, get it. All eye colors look great with purple tones, but green and brown look stunning, and really make the eyes pop with purple shadows. My favorite color from this palette is Improvise. 

Top Row L-R; Instinct, Impulse. Glance, Improvise, Catalyst
Bottom Bottom L-R; Desire, Wonder, Spontaneous, Whim, Captivate

Tetra smudge stick, is a deep amethyst with pink, purple, and blue glitter. 

The packaging of these palettes is similar to the original Naked palette from Urban Decay, minus the velvet. It is cardboard with a magnetic closure. I personally love this packaging, even when I get makeup on it, I can use a makeup wipe to remove unwanted stains. 
Overall, I love these palettes. I see myself using them all the time, so be prepared to see a few looks using them!

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