Monday, December 8, 2014

The BEST Drugstore Concealer, EVER!

Behold, the glorious, Hard Candy, Glamoflauge concealer. You can pick up this concealer anywhere Hard Candy is available. The most common place I see Glamoflauge is at Walmart, and that is where I picked mine up. 
Let me start this off by saying, this is a FULL coverage concealer, that will cover anything. And I mean anything. 
When I picked this up on a whim about two years ago, I used to have more frequent breakouts. The tube I have is the original one I purchased, and I still have a ton of product! Saying this, I do not wear face makeup often, maybe 3 times a month if there I am going out for something nice. Now that my skin has cleared up a lot, I only use this every now and then. But when I had skin issues I used this bad boy when ever I wore makeup.  I really recommend this to anyone who has any breakouts, even if you only get a breakout every now and then. It covers everything without looking cakey. 

 I usually apply this over primed skin, and a matte powder over it. It covers everything I want it to, while leaving my skin looking natural. (I use the shade light).
Now, when you use this product, you need the tiniest amount! A rice sized dot will be enough to cover your entire face with it, so be careful not to apply too much! If you apply too much, it can look cakey fast. 
I do not wear foundation unless its a super special occasion, or I am feeling fancy. But this concealer looks amazing with foundation as well. 

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