Monday, July 6, 2015

Most Common Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles

There are so many causes of dark circles, and unfortunately many people suffer from them. I happen to have awful under eye circles and discoloration, and am here to share some of the most common causes with you. 
1. Genetics
This is probably the most common reason for dark circles. If it is in your genetics, you will have dark circles at some point in your life. 
2. Dehydration
If you do not drink a lot of water every day, your under eye area will suffer by showing fine lines and becoming darker. 
Your under eye area can physically be dehydrated if you do not moisturize with an under eye cream or serum. As soon as you start to use an eye cream or serum you will notice a big improvement in your eye area. I LOVE the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!
3. Lack of sleep
Getting a good nights sleep is important for your physical and mental health, and will show in other areas including your under eyes. 
4. Poor diet
Putting nutritious food into your body will reflect in the appearance of your skin. Poor diets often result in tired, aged, and dull looking skin. Opposed to nutritious diets resulting in healthy, glowing, and fresh looking skin. 
5. Allergies
Allergies that affect your eyes can be pollen from the air, or dander from a pet in your home, as well as many others. Obviously no one can help having allergies, but some allergies can make the eye area puffy, and discolored. 
6. Stress
When we are stressed, our bodies reflect it. The eye area shows signs of stress when it gets darker, and fine lines begin to appear. 

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