Monday, October 19, 2015

Easy Drugstore Makeup Look

Hey everyone! I have been super busy the past few months getting ready for my sisters wedding, which was last week. Sorry for the lack of posts (I will have a wedding makeup tutorial up shortly)! During the week of the wedding and all of its festivities I wore this look everyday. It is super simple, quick, lasts all day, affordable, and looks great on all eye colors and skin tones. 

In this look I use the Maybelline Color Tattoos, which I am obsessed with! Color Tattoos make this look extremely versatile because you can use any color tattoo, not just the one I use for this look. 

Products Used:

1. Apply concealer or primer to your lids
2. Set lids with a translucent powder
3. Do your eyebrows, I just use clear brow gel
4. Using your ring finger, gently apply the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige to your lids and into the crease slightly, do not bring it too far into the inner corners
5. With your other ring finger, tap the edged of the color tattoo to diffuse the color
6. Apply mascara

I recently bought a lipliner from L'oreal, and it is the perfect natural color for me. I wore it on my sisters wedding day, and used it one my sister on the wedding day as well. This lip color is great for everyday because it is so natural, but it still defines and adds more dimension. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer Bronze Smokey Eye

Summer is still in full swing in the sunshine state, so I wanted to do one last summer makeup look. This bronze smokey eye is perfect for hot summer nights, and it goes with everything. 

Product List:

1. Prime your eyes, using primer, concealer, or both. If you use concealer, set your eyes with translucent powder. 
2. With a fluffy crease brush, apply Buck (Urban Decay) into your crease. 
3. With your finger or a small shader brush, apply Smog  (Urban Decay) onto the inner and outer third of your eyelid and lower lash line. 
4. Using the same crease brush used earlier, lightly buff the edges of Smog out. 
5. Apply Half Baked (Urban Decay) to the center of your lid and lower lash line, in-between where Smog was not placed, with your finger or a small brush. 
6. Lightly diffuse where the colors meet by tapping your finger between the colors. 
7. With a fluffy pencil brush, apply Earth (Stila) to the most outer portions of your lids and lower lash lines for more definition. 
8. (Optional) For more of a highlight, apply Albatross to the most center part of the lid, do not use a lot of this and only apply it at the center of where Half Baked was applied.
9. Blend Air (Stila) onto the brow bone and inner corner. 
10. Apply eyeliner to your tight line and water line. This will transform the look into a very smokey eye. (I used a brown eyeliner for this step because I think it complements the bronze and gold shadows better). 
11. Apply lots of mascara and do your brows and the eye look is complete. 

This look calls for lots of bronzer and highlighter on the cheeks, and your lipstick of choice. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and the beginning of fall!

Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Review

Recently I picked up this palette at Sephora, and have been using it constantly. This palette is relatively small, and has basic colors in it.  The Too Faced Natural Matte palette is available at Too FacedSephora and Ulta for $36. 

Overall I have been impressed with the color payoff, and lasting time of these shadows. I absolutely love matte shadows, so this is obviously something I had to have and love. 
I have found that these shadows are super soft, and when you place your brush into them there is a lot of excess powder. I don't mind that because it shows that they are soft and easier to blend, but it is something to think about if you don't like that. 
The palettes small size is perfect for travel and daily use. I brought this palette with me on my month long vacation over the summer and was so pleased with it. I could create a lot of different looks that were simple. 

The layout of this palette is similar to most of the palettes from Too Faced, with three rows of colors designed to use for specific looks. Of course you do not have to use the palette that way but it is nice to know that it is set up "user friendly."
If you love matte shadows this is a really good one, and I highly recommend it. I would really recommend this for anyone who has more mature skin as well, as matte shadows are more flattering on mature skin. 

Row 1- Day; Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexspresso
Row 2- Classic; Lace Teddy, Strapless, Risqué
Row 3- Fashion; Nudie, Honey Butter, Chocolate Cookie

Monday, July 6, 2015

Most Common Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles

There are so many causes of dark circles, and unfortunately many people suffer from them. I happen to have awful under eye circles and discoloration, and am here to share some of the most common causes with you. 
1. Genetics
This is probably the most common reason for dark circles. If it is in your genetics, you will have dark circles at some point in your life. 
2. Dehydration
If you do not drink a lot of water every day, your under eye area will suffer by showing fine lines and becoming darker. 
Your under eye area can physically be dehydrated if you do not moisturize with an under eye cream or serum. As soon as you start to use an eye cream or serum you will notice a big improvement in your eye area. I LOVE the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!
3. Lack of sleep
Getting a good nights sleep is important for your physical and mental health, and will show in other areas including your under eyes. 
4. Poor diet
Putting nutritious food into your body will reflect in the appearance of your skin. Poor diets often result in tired, aged, and dull looking skin. Opposed to nutritious diets resulting in healthy, glowing, and fresh looking skin. 
5. Allergies
Allergies that affect your eyes can be pollen from the air, or dander from a pet in your home, as well as many others. Obviously no one can help having allergies, but some allergies can make the eye area puffy, and discolored. 
6. Stress
When we are stressed, our bodies reflect it. The eye area shows signs of stress when it gets darker, and fine lines begin to appear. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Neutral Glam | Naked Palette

Some days I just want a simple makeup look that will look great with any outfit in my closet, and with any lip color I choose. This look is that, but with a little more glamour. 

Product List-

1. Apply a primer/base/concealer to your eyelids. I chose to use concealer, and applied it under my eyes at this time too. 
2. Set concealer/primer/base with a translucent powder, or light colored matte eyeshadow. 
3. With a fluffy blending brush, apply Naked into your crease. 
4. Using your finger or  flat shader brush, apply Sidecar onto your lid. This shade has a lot of glitter in it, and to prevent the glitter from falling onto my face I lightly held a tissue to my face. 
5. Use either or both a pencil brush and a flat definer brush to apply Naked to your lower lash line.
6. With a small pencil or shader brush apply MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle to your inner corner. 
7. Apply mascara and do your brows to complete the eye look. 

I absolutely love this look, it is so simple, and makes you look put together. I really like the glitter from Sidecar and Soft and Gentle to give this look something different, and more glamorous. Depending on your preference, virtually any lip color will look good with this makeup look. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer Review

After trying what seems like every concealer ever, I stumbled across this when I was at Ulta a few weeks ago. And after testing it many times, I know this is it. I have finally found my holy grail under eye concealer. 
This is the Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer. It claims to be a 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter, conceal signs of fatigue, highlight and illuminate the eye area, and have a soft precision brush for the delicate under eye area. In my experience, all of these claims are true. In addition to the claims Rimmel makes, this concealer is lightweight, and does not crease, or sweat off (with and without being set by a powder!). 
I purchased the shade 245 Light, which is a pinkish/salmon color, perfect for correcting and concealing the purple and blue tones of my entire eye area. Usually I have a hard time finding the perfect shade of concealer to correct the discoloration, the shades usually lean more yellow or white which emphasizes what I am trying to correct and conceal. Luckily, that was not the case this time. In the Ulta where I bought this concealer Rimmel did not have a large variety of colors for this product, so be sure to look online if you do not see a color that matches you. 

After moisturizing my face and eye area, I apply this product to the entire eye area, and blend it in with my ring finger or a dense concealer brush. If I am in a rush or am not wearing any other makeup, I will not set this concealer, and it stays crease proof all day long! This is the first concealer I have ever used that does not crease, yay! If I do end up setting my under eye area, I will use a small amount of translucent powder and it will look fresh all day long with no creasing. 

Here are some before and after pictures showing how well this corrects all the discoloration around my eyes. These pictures wash me out a little bit, and make my dark circles and discoloration look better, but you can still see the amazing difference this concealer makes!

Left eye - concealed, right eye - no concealer. You can really see how well this concealer covers in these images. It hides the veins and purple tones perfectly!

With both eyes concealed I look more awake/fresh and less sick/tired. 

I love that I can wear just this concealer, and no other makeup and look fresh and awake without looking like I have on any makeup. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stila In the Light Palette Tutorial

Today I am going to share my first tutorial using the Stila in the Light palette. It is another super simple look that is great for everyday wear. 
I also show you what it looks like with a colored liner on the bottom lash line for a pop of color. I love to add a simple pop of color especially during spring and summer, it really changes the whole look. Hope you enjoy!

Product List:

1. Apply primer
2. Apply base, or concealer to correct discoloration
3. With a big fluffy brush, apply Bare all over the lid, inner corner, and brow bone 
4. With the same fluffy brush, apply Bliss into the crease, blend this color up towards the brow bone for a gradient look, and onto the outer corner of the lid to add dimension
5. Apply Kitten with your finger, or a small flat shader brush, to the lid and inner corner
6. (optional) apply a colored liner to your water line and lower lash line for a fun pop of color
7. Apply several coats of your favorite mascara