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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lavish Palette 

The limited edition Lavish Palette, that Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with in the fall of 2013, was a Sephora Exclusive and was sold out almost instantly. If you can find this palette, or if someone is selling theirs, I highly recommend this palette!  It is still available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, if you want to get it! The quality of the entire palette is great, and I would not expect anything less from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette comes with a booklet, showing you some looks created by beauty lovers and makeup artists. If I am in need of any inspiration on looks to come up with, the booklet comes in handy.

The packaging for the Lavish palette is great, a little bulky for the entire palette. But the eyeshadows actually do come in a slim sleeve that is easy to remove from the palette and take with you on the go, or to have in a pro kit. The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure, and a sleeve with the Lavish logo as well. The Lavish logo may be my favorite thing bout the palette, it is edgy but glamorous. Under the booklet and the actual shadow palette, comes a pair of tweezers, a mini eyebrow pencil, a full sized eyeliner, and a dual ended brush. Because the eyebrow pencil is too dark for my brows, I use it as an eyeliner or a shadow base. These extras make the palette come in handy, especially for traveling.  

The pigmentation of the shadows is incredible, and they blend together very easily. 
Top Row L-R; Cream, Antique, Rum Cake, Moss, and Truffle
Bottom Row L-R; Ballet, Orange Soda, Sienna, Pink Saphire, and Black Diamond. 
I love all the shades, because they are some what neutral, but there are a few colors to add a pop of color into any look.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette

The Catwalk palette was limited edition for fall 2013, but I purchased mine the first week of March this year, so if you are interested check all of the Ulta stores near you, or check their website, or visit Anastasia Beverly Hills website. The packaging for this palette is to die for!!! The box alone has gold leopard rings with emerald green eyes on it (I am going to keep mine!). The actual palette is gold with a pink embossed border, and black velvet leopard print, it is adorable! On the inside of the palette, the leopard theme continues, and it has a good sized mirror. Personally I love the cardboard, magnetic closure palettes, so naturally I love this palette. It feels and looks luxurious. 

The eyeshadows in the Catwalk palette are amazing, they are easy to apply and blend. It comes with 3 matte shades and 7 shimmery shades, none of the shades have had fall out. This palette also comes with a double sided brush, I really like this brush and think it is great quality. Now, there is one down side to this palette, the eyeshadow names are not listed on the palette, they are only on the box. These eyeshadows are warm toned, because the palette was limited edition for fall, but of course the shadows can be worn anytime. 

The top row shades are (L-R); Call Back, Strut, Scout, Beauty Mark, and LBD.
The bottom row shades are (L-R); Day Rate, Couture, RTW, 10K, and Pose. 
My favorite shades are Scout, which reminds me of an eyeshadow version of Orgasm by Nars, and 10K, which reminds me of an eyeshadow version of Albatross also by Nars. 


All About Shadow Quad

The Clinique All About Shadow quad is a warm toned neutral palette, kinda. The dark brown in the quad is the reason it is kinda warm toned. The brown has a green tone to it, that is not noticeable on the eye. Needless to say, the eyeshadows are awesome, super blendable and pigmented. Depending on where you live, you can find this quad at Sephora or Clinique counters, for $28. 
From L-R, the shades are; French Vanilla, Peach Pop, At Dusk, and Olive in My Martini.

Colourpop Cosmetics

Lippie Stix

First of all, hello! You need to buy these lip sticks now. Go buy them, I can wait. 

Haha, but seriously, you need these beauties in your life. If you are an avid beauty lover, and are on Instagram and watch beauty videos on Youtube, you have probably heard of these already. But, for those of you who are living under a rock, I bring you the most amazing lip products you will ever find. 
I was so proud of myself for not buying the enitre website, but now I regret it, because they are sooooo good!!!!! Ladies, these are better than MAC lipsticks. Yes, I said it, BETTER THAN MAC! Can you believe it?!?!? For 1/3 of the price you can own lip products better than beloved MAC cosmetics. 
I picked up 3 lippie stix, of colors I did not have in my collection, and I suggest you do the same, before going crazy on the website. 

The three colors I got are Cake, Scandy, and Chi-Chi. I did not notice this until I received them, but they are all satin lippie stix. The perfect combo between matte and glossy lips. 

I always love buying products that are made here in the USA #winning

Most lip products that have the color on the outside of the tube are not always accurate, but these colors are spot on, *cue the applause.*
Cake, is a beautiful bright peachy pink color
Scandy, is a bright, vivid neon pink (a dupe for MAC Candy Yum Yum!)
Chi-Chi, is a gorgeous blood orange 

And I can't forget to talk about the packaging. Unlike ordinary lip sticks, these are tall skinny sticks, with a round applicator, perfect for getting the cupids bow and outer corners of the lip. They also have a snap on cap, that won't fall off if they are in a makeup bag or purse. 


Clump Crusher Mascara

Covergirl has mascaras galore, and I have never tried any of them until few weeks ago when I picked this one up. So far, I love the Clump Crusher mascara. Personally, I love a good wet mascara with a rubber, spiked wand, and this is exactly that. The wand is a little different, and curves to the shape of the eye, which is so great for the lower lashes. My holy grail mascara is the Benefit They're Real, it is just amazing, I could talk about it for the rest of my life, but I would have to say, this one is  good drugstore alternative. When I purchased this mascara, I did not get the waterproof version, which I would have preferred, but I picked this up because it was on sale. Usually I have to have waterproof mascara because I have problems with flaking, and this humidity often smudges mascara, but so far this one has done neither, yay! (Please excuse my under eyes, it was a rough day covering all the darkness!). 
I would definitely repurchase this mascara, but next time I will try the waterproof version! If you are looking for a new mascara I would totally try this one!

Eyes Lips Face

Studio Blush

(top) Fushia Fusion, is a darker blue toned pink with tons of silver glitter
(middle) Twinkle Pink, is a beautiful peachy pink with a lot of gold and silver glitter. It is supposed to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but I do not own Orgasm to tell you that for sure
(bottom)Pink Passion, is a bold matte electric pink that is somehow wearable  

(top) Giddy Gold, is complete gold shimmer
(middle) Peachy Keen, is a tan, terracotta, bronze color, with a glow sheen
(bottom) Tickled Pink, has a satin-matte finish, and is a sheer mauve pink color (this is my favorite one!!!)

(top) Blushing Rose, is a terracotta red with a gold sheen
(middle) Candid Coral, is a peachy-coral color with a gold sheen
(bottom) Berry Merry, is a berry-wine color, with a rose gold sheen (this is another one of my favorites!)
These blushes are amazing! They apply and blend smoothly, and not patchy, and have great color pay off.  The packaging of these is similar to the Nars packaging, but these blush have a little cut out covered with plastic so you can see the color from the outside, making it very easy to know which color you are getting. The packaging is sturdy, and if it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it off with a dry towel, or a makeup wipe. 
I love these blushes, and whenever I wear blush, it is usually and ELF studio blush. I recommend these to everyone that is looking for an inexpensive, good quality blush. For only $3 from the ELF websiteTarget, and K-Mart, these are great quality. There are sales ALL the time on the ELF website, so be sure to check there before buying from a different store or website. 

Hard Candy

Glamoflauge Full Coverage Concealer

Behold, the glorious, Hard Candy, Glamoflauge concealer. You can pick up this concealer anywhere Hard Candy is available. The most common place I see Glamoflauge is at Walmart, and that is where I picked mine up. 
Let me start this off by saying, this is a FULL coverage concealer, that will cover anything. And I mean anything. 
I used to have a lot of skin issues, when I picked this up on a whim about two years ago. The tube I have is the original one I purchased, and I still have a ton of product! Saying this, I do not wear face makeup often, maybe 3 times a month if there is an important event. Now that my skin has cleared up a lot, I only use this every now and then. But when I had skin issues I used this bad boy when ever I wore makeup.  I really recommend this to anyone who has any breakouts, even if you only get a breakout every now and then. It covers everything without looking cakey. 

 I usually apply this over primed skin, and a matte powder over it. It covers everything I want it to, while leaving my skin looking natural. (I use the shade light).
*I do not wear foundation unless its a super special occasion, or I am feeling fancy. But it looks amazing with foundation as well. *


Soft and Gentle MSF

If you are familiar with the online beauty community then I am sure you know and love this product as much as I do. On the MAC website it is available for $32, and is described as a 'gilded peach bronze,' and it is exactly that. On my very fair skin this shows up exactly as it looks in the pan, a light bronze color. I do not have to blend it or work with it for it to look good, which I love. I usually use my finger with this product to dab it on the tops of my cheekbones and cupids bow, I feel like a brush just gets too much product all over. Because this highlight is a light bronze color it is not too deep for light skin, and not too light for darker skin, perfect for all skin tones! 
Another thing I love about face products is that they can be used on the eyes as well. If I am running out of time and just want to throw on an eye look, I use a highlighter on the lid and a bronzer in the crease, and then you have a beautiful and simple eye look. 
If you are looking for a universal highlighter, this one is definitely worth the price!!!


Color Tattoos

Let me start this by saying, I Emmalee, have way too many color tattoos, and I am not ashamed because they are fabulous. 
I do not have all the color tattoos, and I plan to eventually have them all, but I realized I have not talked about them on my blog. They are just too good for me to wait to tell you about! All of the colors I own are super creamy, blendable, and opaque, not to mention cheap! Personally I love the packaging, I can store them easily, and see the color without opening the jar. 
If you are in the market for cream shadows I totally recommend these. I would say if you want to try just one, pick up Barely Branded. It is the most universal champagne color that looks beautiful on anyone. Start your obsession here

These first four, are a few from the regular permanent line. 
Top left: 45 Bold Gold
Bottom left: 35 Tough as Taupe
Top right: 25 Bad to the Bronze
Bottom right: 30 Pomegranate Punk

Next, are two from the permanent Metal line. 
Left: 70 Barely Branded
Right: 55 Inked in Pink

Sadly, these next five you can no longer purchase, they were limited edition from summer 2013, but I really wanted to include them. 
Top left: 25 Shady Shores
Bottom left: 45 Lavish Lavender
Middle: 20 Waves of White
Top right: 30 Icy Mint
Bottom right: 35 Cool Crush

Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I have tried so hard to love this concealer, but I just can't. I have used it so many different ways, and it does not work for me. As you can see, it is almost gone, and so is my patience. Every beauty guru has raved about it, but I just can not seem to get it to cover anything. I have come to the conclusion that my dark circles are too dark, and this concealer is only meant for those who have slight discoloration and no fine lines. I picked up my concealer in the color Fair, which is a salmon pinky shade to correct the darkness. Once I pack it on (you should see how much I have to use in order to cover anything, ugh), I usually set it with a light dusting of NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder. Also, I wanted to mention that throughout the day, the color of the concealer changes. At first, this concealer looks ok once applied,  but after about an hour, it creases SO bad, and the color gets lighter! NOT OK with me. 
I have found a way to use up the last bit of product, and that is to only use it on my eyelid to correct and conceal there. I do not have a problem with it creasing up there, because there are not fine lines and there is not s much to conceal. 
So, if you are looking for a good concealer, I would not recommend the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, unless you have little to no darkness, and no wrinkles or fine lines.

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
Mascara is by far my favorite makeup product of all time, and is something I can wear without doing the rest of my makeup. I have tried lots of mascara, both high end, and drugstore, and this is one of my favorites. 
I have trouble with my mascara flaking onto the tops of my cheeks and all over the rest of my face, but with this mascara I do not have any problems with it flaking, until it starts to get old.  In this picture I have just one coat of mascara on, but it is easy to build up and get crazy awesome lashes.  This mascara has a gel formula, and is very waterproof. It is almost impossible to get off without a makeup wipe. I wear this mascara to the beach, pool, and water parks and it holds up flawlessly.  


Albatross Highlighting Blush

NARS Albatross highlighting blush has a 'sheer light golden sheen.' Do not be fooled by the name, this is a highlighting powder, not a blush. Albatross is a gorgeous white gold highlighter that will make your features pop. I love Albatross for when I am going for a super glam makeup look, because it is very visible on the skin. In the pan this product looks like a plain white color, but when applied it looks like there is an angel on your face. For flawless application when using this product, I use my finger to dab it on my cheekbones, apply it with a damp Beauty Blender, or with a fan brush. I love this highlighter and I do not know how I lived without it. NARS Albatross is available to purchase in stores and online at Sephora, and on the NARS website for $30. 

Laguna Bronzer

Laguna is a neutral bronzer, not too warm and not too cool.  The matte formula works on virtually every skin tone, if applied correctly, and gives a healthy bronze look to the skin. If you are looking to splurge on a more expensive bronzer, go for this one, it rocks. 


Medium Matte Bronzer

The NYX Matte Bronzer in medium, this is a very warm toned, reddish bronze. If you too have a warm toned complexion, this is going to be your life saver. Be careful to not go over board with this product because a little bit goes a long way! On my very freckled face, this bronzer works amazing, it blends in like a dream, and wears fantastically. If you are looking for an awesome drugstore bronzer, I totally recommend the NYX bronzers!


Stila In the Know

If you are looking for an all matte, neutral palette, this is the perfect palette for you! The packaging to this palette is similar to the original Naked  palette from Urban Decay, minus the velvet. It is cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. I personally love this packaging, even if I get makeup on it, which has happened several times, I can use a makeup wipe on it and it removes unwanted stains. The mirror in this palette is a good size. Above the mirror the quote reads, "when a woman knows, she knows," from Sarah Lucero. 

Like I said the colors are all matte, they are all a creamy matte, not a super powdery matte. These shade all blend together beautifully! The shadows are all very pigmented and are also long wearing. 
Top Row L-R the shades are; air, wind, desert, clay, and earth.
Bottom Row L-R the shades are; driftwood, fire, rain, smoke, and ebony. 
The shadow names are not only under each shadow, but on the back of the palette as well. I do not have a favorite shadow in this palette, I love them all so much and have a feeling when this palette is gone I will replace it. 

This palette comes with a full sized smudge stick water proof eyeliner in Halfmoon, and if you have ever tried any Stila eyeliners you know how mazing these are. Halfmoon is a deep grey color, and wears amazingly. 
Overall, this palette is a must have! I use it nearly every time I do my makeup and am no where near hitting pan on any of the colors. I recommend this palette to everyone who loves neutral shades, or is just looking for a great all matte palette! If you have more mature lids, or have a lot of lines and wrinkles on your eyes this palette is for you. When shadows don't have any glitter or sparkle to them, they will go on smoothly over lines, when shimmers will emphasize all lines and wrinkles. You can purchase this palette at SephoraUlta, and the Stila website for $39. 

Urban Decay

Urban Decay's Original Naked Palette


The Naked palette, is the only palette from the Naked line to have the cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. Personally I love this packaging and wish all the other palettes had this same packaging. It is very travel safe, and has not dented or broken in any way, despite several drops. The packaging however is velvet, and it can get very dirty. I have owned mine for over a year and it is not dirty, but it does have some lint pieces and a few hairs from my animals on it. The gold writing on the palette will chip or come off with wear and use, since I keep mine clean and am careful with it mine has not started to chip or wear off at all. The mirror on this palette is a good size, not a full faced size, but enough to see the eyes.

The colors in this palette are amazing, and all great quality, like most Urban Decay shadows are. The 12 shades are warm toned neutrals.
 From L-R the shades are; Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Dakhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.
 All of the shades are great, and I have used all of them countless times to create various looks. Though I love all of the shades so much, my favorite shadows are Sin, Sidecar, and Hustle

If you bought this palette when it first came out, it came with a double ended 24/7 liner pencil. Now it comes with a standard Urban Decay synthetic shadow brush. I love this brush, and all Urban Decay brushes I have tried. However, if you do not like these brushes for applying shadow, try them as a concealer brush, they are amazing for both!
Overall, this palette is a necessity in my makeup collection. I use it all the time and can create dozens of looks with it. It withstands traveling and being dropped with no damage. When I hit pan on more than 5 of the shadows I will definitely be repurchasing, but I do not see that happening for at least a year and a half.  You can purchase this palette at Sephora, Ulta, and the Urban Decay website

A rose-gold palette from Urban Decay, finally!

Naked 3 has the same metal packaging as Naked 2, as well as a rippled effect under the gold lettering. Personally I prefer the packaging of the original Naked palette, to me the metal packaging feels a little cheap. I am terrified to drop this baby and have the eyeshadows shatter or the packaging break.

The colors in all of the Naked palettes are very different, Naked has warmer neutral shades, Naked 2 has taupey cool toned neutral shades, and Naked 3 has very rosey shadows. Each palette comes with 12 shades. From L-R the shades are; Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart. I love all the shades, and do not have a favorite, they are all equally amazing!

 The brush that comes with Naked 3 is synthetic and double sided. It has the same great quality that all Urban Decay brushes have. I love the brush and use it all the time!

Overall, I love this palette and have used it a ton over the past few months. To me this palette was worth the price, considering you are getting full sized eye shadows, which are normally $18 each! For $52 you get 12 full sized brand new eye shadows, a double ended brush, and Primer Potion samples. This palette is perfect for spring, but of course I am going to use it all the time!

If you would like me to review any specific products leave your request in the comments below!

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