Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick Everyday Makeup

We all have this mornings where we just want to lay in bed for as long as we can. Who am I kidding, thats everyday, haha!
Whether its everyday, or just a day a week, today I am going to share a super quick makeup look that I use all the time. 
This is my go to everyday makeup look if I want to look nice, and glamorous early in the morning. Because lets be real, its not the best to do your makeup in the car every morning. 

Product List:

1. Prime your lids with a primer or concealer, you want your eyes to look bright and awake all day
2. With a blending brush, sweep bronzer into your crease. This will be the transition and crease color, make it as dark or light as you wish. Add the bronzer to the lower lash line, mainly in the outer corner, this will make the eyes seem bigger
3. With a small flat brush or your finger, pack on L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte onto the lid and inner corner
4. Apply Mascara and do your brows

Just in case you have the color Kitten from Stila, or are curious, Iced Latte is an exact dupe for Kitten. 

This eye makeup is not heavy, dark, or hard to duplicate, making it perfect for everyday wear. Another reason I love this makeup look is that I can wear it with any color blush, and every color lipstick! I can just grab one and go, and not worry if it matches the rest of my makeup. 

I hope you enjoy this look and it helps you out in a rushed morning!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Makeup Brush Essentials

Good makeup brushes are the key to great makeup application. There are so many great brands to choose from when buying makeup brushes. 
A few of my favorites are Real Techniques, NARS, Makeup Geek, and Sigma
Makeup brushes can be pretty pricey, but they are totally worth it, because they can make or break your entire makeup look. 
My favorite of these brands is Real Techniques, because they are so well made, and are not crazy expensive. You can pick up RealTechniques brushes at Ulta, and here in the U.S. some other drugstores carry them. Their brushes are synthetic, don't shed, and are super soft. Real Techniques also has an amazing Beauty Blender dupe, for a more affordable price. 
Eye Brushes-
For beginners, this is the best option. The Real Techniques Starter Kit. It comes with 5 basic eye brushes that can be used for all looks, for only $18. This set is definitely a steal!
I also love the pencil brush from Makeup Geek as well, it is smaller compared to a lot of other pencil brushes, which is great for controlling product. 
You can not go wrong with any Sigma eye brushes. If you are looking for basics, or unique brushes, Sigma has it. Their E15 is my favorite Sigma brush, its awesome for the lower lash line!
Face Brushes-
Real Techniques also has a Core Collection, a brush set just for the face. The Core Collection includes 4 face brushes for $18. I really recommend this set to beginners as well, it will have everything you need! I also love and highly recommend their Bold Metals 301 brush, and Setting brush. 
NARS, has my all time favorite contour brush, Ita. The Ita brush is pricier, at $55. I use this brush on myself, and others, it is perfect for contouring! It basically makes contouring fool proof. If you can not get the hang of contouring with a different brush, try this one!
Makeup Geek aslo has a great Face Brush Bundle. I do not have this set, but I have a few great brushes from it, and if you want to try their face brushes I recommend this one. 
Sigma also has a wide variety of face brushes. Their Sigmax brushes are amazing for foundation, and cream bronzers or blushes. 
Complete Brush Sets-
Real Techniques Travel Essentials is perfect if you want a set that includes everything, at a drugstore price. This set is also $18, and includes 2 face brushes and 1 eye brush. 
If you collect brushes, or love duo-fibre brushes, I am obsessed with the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection. It also has 2 face brushes and 1 eye brush for $20. 
Sigma has tons of brush sets, my favorite is the essential kit, it comes in a few colors and has a brush cup for storage and travel, 8 eye brushes and 4 face brushes for $178. My favorite of the essential kits is the Mr. Bunny, where the brushes are synthetic, yay!
This is honestly just scratching the surface of my favorites, I could go on about brushes for ever! Let me know what some of your favorite makeup brushes are!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and today I am going to give you a step by step tutorial for a simple V-Day eye look. This look is great for Valentine's Day, or any other date night you may have planned. It is natural enough for work or even school, and you can amp it up with a few additional steps to make it a night look. 

Product List:

For the daytime look, and look I would personally wear here are the super simple steps

1. Apply a concealer/base/primer to the eye
2. Using a fluffy crease brush, apply Limit from the Naked 3 palette to your crease. This is the transition color so be sure to blend it pretty high
3. Using the same crease brush, concentrate the color Nooner from the Naked 3 palette onto the crease
4. Apply Strange on a flat shader brush to the brow bone and inner corner
5. Using your finger or a flat shader brush, apply Liar to the lid
6. Go back and blend the lid and crease colors using both Limit and Nooner
7. Apply a mixture of Nooner and Limit to the lower lash line using a flat definer brush or pencil brush
8.  With a small brush apply Dust into the inner corner of the, blending it into Liar
9. Apply your mascara, and the eyes are all done!

This next part of the tutorial is for the more daring ladies who want there eye makeup to be a bit more bold. I chose a cat eye because it draws lots of attention to the eyes! These additional two steps make a world of difference in the look, and can transition the look from day to night in just a few minutes.

9. Create a cat eye using your preferred liner ( I used the Jordana Fabuliner)
10. Line your tight line, and water line with a black eyeliner 
11. Apply mascara, and to make it even more dramatic false lashes!

Whether you plan on staying in for Valentine's or go out with a loved one, I hope y'all have a fabulous day, and enjoyed the look!