Monday, March 30, 2015

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

Eye primers are really important in your makeup routine, they can make eyeshadow apply better, and prolong the wear of eyeshadow. Just like face primers, eye primers work differently with all skin types, it is really important to find one that works great for you. 
When using an eye primer, you only need a small amount, concentrating the product in the crease of your eye, lid, and inner corner. 
There are a lot of different types of eye primers; anti aging, mattifying, and colored just to name a few. 
Cream eyeshadows, or eyeshadow bases (MAC Paint Pots,  concealers, and Maybelline Color Tattoos) are not primers. On some people though, these bases can be used instead of a primer. I personally recommend using a primer first, and then an eyeshadow base, or use a primer first and then move onto the eyeshadow, skipping the eyeshadow base. Using an eyeshadow base is not necessary for all eye looks, it is up to personal preference. 
Urban Decay's Primer Potion is one that I have been using for about a year. For reference, I have oily skin, oily eyelids, and dry patches of skin on the inner and outer corners of my eyes. This primer is good, it keeps eyeshadow on for longer than it would be on without a primer. With that being said, this primer does not prevent my eyeshadow from creasing all day long. But it keeps it crease free for about 6 hours, by that time I usually check up on my eyeshadow and touch up areas that need it. Ideally, I want a primer that will prevent my eyeshadow from creasing completely, and this is not it. 
The Primer Potion comes in several different "shades;" Enigma(NEW!), Original, Anti-Aging, Sin, and Eden, all $20. 
If you do not have oily eyelids I would really recommend trying this primer out, because it may work perfectly for you! 
The next eye primer I am thinking about picking up is NARS Pro Prime, I have heard its amazing! Let me know your favorite eye primers down below so I can try them too!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Doubling Up Face Products

When doing your makeup, it seems like there are always so many products, and each product is for a different use. Obviously, you can't use mascara or foundation as lipgloss. But, you can use some face products as eyeshadows. This really comes in handy when you are traveling, need to ready quickly, or if you just do not want to buy eyeshadows. 
My favorite face products to use as eyeshadows are, setting powders, bronzers, contour powders, highlighters, and blushes. 
I love to apply highlighters and blushes on the lid, and then blend a bronzer or contour powders into the crease for a simple eye look. I also love to mix blushes and bronzers in the crease, creating a soft and romantic pinky-brown eyeshadow look. 
Cream face products can also be used on the eyes, such as cream bronzers, blushes, and highlighters, in the same way powders are used. 
Doubling up your face products as eyeshadows can be a major time and money saver, with beautiful end results.