Monday, April 20, 2015

Prom Inspired Smokey Eye Tutorial

Prom is coming up quick, and I wanted to get a tutorial up for a look I would wear to prom. I chose to go with a brown smokey eye because it will go with a lot of different dresses.
Even if you are not going to prom, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Product List:

1. Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Use a small amount of concealer as a base, and to conceal any veins or lid discoloration
3. Take a small piece of tape and apply it from the edge of the lower lash line to the brow
4. With a fluffy brush, apply Strange all over the eyelid, brow bone, and inner corner
5. (optional) Use a creamy brown eyeliner or base on the eyelids and blend slightly with a flat shader brush, this will make the lid color last longer, and use this color to tight line your upper water line
6. Blend Limit into the crease as a transition color, diffusing the edges of the brow highlight and brown base
7. With the same blending brush, apply Nooner just into the crease below Limit
8. Pack Factory onto the lid directly on top of the brown base, do not apply this color into the crease, and leave the inner corner free of this color
9. Using your finger of a small flat brush, apply Burnout into the inner corner
10. Remove tape and apply concealer to your under eye area, and set it with a powder
11. Line your water line using NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, you can choose to use a brown, black or other color liner instead
12. With a fluffy pencil brush blend Nooner onto the lower lash line, smoke it out as far as you would like 
13. With a flat definer brush, apply Factory closely against the lower lash liner, and blend lightly with Nooner on the pencil brush
14. Apply liquid liner, I only went about half way to make my eyes appear more open
15. Apply tons of mascara, and lashes if you've got 'em!

I love this look so much, it looks amazing on all eye colors and looks great in photos! If I were to wear this look for prom I would use a pale pink of nude lipstick, such as MACs Angel, Please Me, Brave, or Myth. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Benefit Watt's Up? Review

Hey everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today I am going to share one of my favorite products with you. This is the Benefit Watt's Up cream highlighter, it retails for $30, and it is totally worth it!
Like cream blushes and bronzers, cream highlighters are great to wear during the heat. You can even wear this under powder highlighters for a more intense glow. 

Watt's Up is a luminous champagne color, perfect for all skin tones. This does have shimmer to it, but not glitter, so it can still be worn for everyday looks. 
I like to apply cream highlighters under all powder products to ensure they look flawless, and blend them out lightly with my fingers.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

Cream blushes are amazing for warm weather, which is all year here in Florida, because they will stick to your skin and act as stain, or a base for other blushes. Powder blushes can look cakey and unnatural in hot weather, but cream blushes blend into the skin much nicer. 
This is the first cream blush I have found that really impresses me. First off, I am not a huge blush wearer, but when I do wear blush I want it to look great. And for $8, Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush delivers. 

I picked up color 15 Rose Petal, which is a muted coral pink shade with subtle shimmer. The shimmer is almost undetectable on the cheeks, but it give the skin a healthy glow. I absolutely love this color, it is perfect for everyday wear. 
This blush claims to feel light weight like a powder, yet melt into the skin like a cream. Which is completely true. 

The consistency of this blush is also like a really pliable play dough. To apply it I tap my pointer finger and middle finer into the blush to pick up product, and use those definers to gently blend it on my cheeks. Another way I like to apply it is with the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour brush
After I apply this blush, I usually set it with another blush, or translucent powder because I have oily skin and live in hot and humid Florida. 

Top; blended out swatch
Bottom; swatch

This product has good pigmentation, it is not completely opaque when applied to the cheeks, but I love that. Like I said earlier, I am not a big blush wearer, so the more sheer a blush, the better. This blush can also be built up to be very opaque. 

I hope you pick up one of these Bouncy blushes, they are incredible! I can't wait to get more colors!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

2 Fresh Easter Makeup Looks

Today, I created 2 different makeup looks perfect for Spring, and Easter. Both using the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. Look 1 is very light and minimal, and look 2 is just a little more dramatic, I think it could still be worn during the day, but it would also be appropriate for night time. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Easter!

Product List:

Look 1

1. Prime with Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as a base
3. Using a blending brush, apply Limit into your crease. And with  a flat definer brush apply Limit onto your lower lash line
4. Apply Dust all over your lid and inner corner with a small flat brush
5. Blend out any harsh edges of Limit with Strange with a blending brush

Look 2
1. Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to your lid
2. Use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as a base
3. Blend Nooner and Limit into your crease
4. Apply Dust into your inner corner with a small flat shader brush
5. Apply Trick onto you eyelid with a flat shader brush
6. Blend the edges of the crease colors and Trick lightly with a blending brush
7. Light apply Factory to the outer corner of your eyelids, blending it into Trick and the crease colors slightly
8. Blend any harsh edges from the crease with Strange
9. With a flat liner brush, apply trick to the middle of your lower lash line, and Factory to the outer corners of your lower lash line

These looks would go great with a lot of different lip colors. I chose to pair them with Colourpop's Scandy and Bound lipsticks, and they looked great!